We introduced a membership fee system from 27th July to replace a "pay as you train/play system" that had become increasingly problematic to manage. Our current fees are as follows:

 Mini and Junior players  £24 per quarter (equivalent to £8 per month)
 Women players £30 per quarter (equivalent to £10 per month)
 Adult Warriors players £30 per quarter (equivalent to £10 per month)
 Senior men players £36 per quarter (equivalent to £12 per month)
 Players in the 16-18 years age band £24 per quarter (equivalent to £8 per month)

Quarterly fees are payable in advance on 27th July, 27th October, 27th January and 27th April. 

Otherwise, we are dependent on sponsorship and fundraising to cover our operating costs and any improvement plans. We therefore ask that all members support and help promote our fundraising events.

We are looking for fundraising representatives, ideally for each team, to bring along new ideas to raise funds and to help promote fundraising within their team members, parents and friends. If you think you may be able to help, please contact Steve Stretch on steve.stretch@yahoo.co.uk